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Unusefull stuff

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......@@ -154,34 +154,10 @@ def disconnect_room(request, room, roomid):
def edit_preferences(request):
""" View to edit the settings of the tickets """
preferences_instance, created = Preferences.objects.get_or_create(id=1)
preferencesform = EditPreferencesForm(
request.POST or None,
instance = preferences_instance,)
if preferencesform.is_valid():
if preferencesform.changed_data:
messages.success(request,'Preferences updated')
return redirect(reverse('preferences:display-options',))
messages.error(request,'Formulaire Invalide')
return form({'preferencesform':preferencesform,},'multi_op/form_preferences.html',request)
return form({'preferencesform':preferencesform,},'multi_op/form_preferences.html',request)
def navbar_user():
"""View to display the app in user's dropdown in the navbar"""
return ('topologie', render_to_string('multi_op/navbar.html'))
def preferences(request):
""" View to display the settings of the tickets in the preferences page"""
pref, created = Preferences.objects.get_or_create(id=1)
context = {'preferences':pref,'language':str(pref.LANGUES[pref.mail_language][1])}
return render_to_string('tickets/preferences.html', context=context, request=request, using=None)
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