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Fix display filter in advance search not being taken into account

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......@@ -230,6 +230,60 @@ def search_single_word(word, filters, user, start, end, user_state, aff):
return filters
def apply_filters(filters, user, aff):
""" Apply the filters constructed by search_single_word.
It also takes into account the visual filters defined during
the search query.
# Results are later filled-in depending on the display filter
results = {
"users": Adherent.objects.none(),
"clubs": Club.objects.none(),
"machines": Machine.objects.none(),
"factures": Facture.objects.none(),
"bans": Ban.objects.none(),
"whitelists": Whitelist.objects.none(),
"rooms": Room.objects.none(),
"ports": Port.objects.none(),
"switches": Switch.objects.none(),
# Users and clubs
if "0" in aff:
results["users"] = Adherent.objects.filter(filters["users"])
results["clubs"] = Club.objects.filter(filters["clubs"])
# Machines
if "1" in aff:
results["machines"] = Machine.objects.filter(filters["machines"])
# Factures
if "2" in aff:
results["factures"] = Facture.objects.filter(filters["factures"])
# Bans
if "3" in aff:
results["bans"] = Ban.objects.filter(filters["bans"])
# Whitelists
if "4" in aff:
results["whitelists"] = Whitelist.objects.filter(filters["whitelists"])
# Rooms
if "5" in aff and Room.can_view_all(user):
results["rooms"] = Room.objects.filter(filters["rooms"])
# Switch ports
if "6" in aff and User.can_view_all(user):
results["ports"] = Port.objects.filter(filters["ports"])
# Switches
if "7" in aff and Switch.can_view_all(user):
results["switches"] = Switch.objects.filter(filters["switches"])
return results
def get_words(query):
"""Function used to split the uery in different words to look for.
The rules are simple :
......@@ -304,18 +358,7 @@ def get_results(query, request, params):
word, filters, request.user, start, end, user_state, aff
results = {
"users": Adherent.objects.filter(filters["users"]),
"clubs": Club.objects.filter(filters["clubs"]),
"machines": Machine.objects.filter(filters["machines"]),
"factures": Facture.objects.filter(filters["factures"]),
"bans": Ban.objects.filter(filters["bans"]),
"whitelists": Whitelist.objects.filter(filters["whitelists"]),
"rooms": Room.objects.filter(filters["rooms"]),
"ports": Port.objects.filter(filters["ports"]),
"switches": Switch.objects.filter(filters["switches"]),
results = apply_filters(filters, request.user, aff)
results = finish_results(results, request.GET.get("col"), request.GET.get("order"))
results.update({"search_term": query})
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