Commit 2846a7fb authored by chirac's avatar chirac Committed by Gabriel Detraz
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Add erdnaxe proposal of fix because there is no better solution

parent 6558cfc1
......@@ -1276,10 +1276,17 @@ class SshFp(RevMixin, AclMixin, models.Model):
"""Get the hashes for the pub key with correct ID.
See RFC: 1 is sha1 , 2 is sha256.
Because of b64 MUST be divided by 4, we add a "padding" = carracter 3 times.
This padding is then ignored if the pubkey is greater than a multiple of 4.
More informations on :
As said in the thread, this fix is not optimal, however it is very simple as
no options on b64decode function exists.
pubkey = base64.b64decode(self.pub_key_entry + "===")
return {
"1": hashlib.sha1(base64.b64decode(self.pub_key_entry)).hexdigest(),
"2": hashlib.sha256(base64.b64decode(self.pub_key_entry)).hexdigest(),
"1": hashlib.sha1(pubkey).hexdigest(),
"2": hashlib.sha256(pubkey).hexdigest(),
class Meta:
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