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......@@ -57,13 +57,13 @@ Here is a list of noteworthy features brought by this update:
* [!516]( Detailed events in history views (e.g. show `old_email -> new_email`).
* [!519]( Add ability to filter event logs (e.g. to show all the subscriptions added by an admin).
* [!569]( Refactor navbar to make menu navigation easier.
* [!569]( Add ability to install custom themes.
* [!569]( Add ability to install custom themes (checkout [this repository]( for a list of Re2o themes).
* [!578]( : Migrations squashed to ease the installation process.
* [!582]( Improve autocomplete fields so they load faster and have a clearer behavior (no more entering a value without clicking and thinking it was taken into account).
* [!589]( Move LDAP to a separate optional app.
* Plenty of bug fixes.
You can view the full list of closed issues [here]( 2.9).
You can view the full list of closed issues [here](
# Before Re2o 2.9
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