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Ajout de re2oapi

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[submodule "re2oapi"]
path = re2oapi
url =
re2oapi @ c3277c2e
Subproject commit c3277c2e6eb3a85e8580c906266cad46c4043677
## Re2o - API client
This project is providing an abstraction layer to easily use the API of Re2o.
## Requirements
* python3
* python3-iso8601
from .re2oapi import *
from .client import Re2oAPIClient
from . import exceptions
__all__ = ['Re2oAPIClient', 'exceptions']
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class APIClientGenericError(ValueError):
template = "{}"
def __init__(self, *data): = data
self.message = self.template.format(*data)
super(APIClientGenericError, self).__init__(self.message)
class InvalidCredentials(APIClientGenericError):
template = "The credentials for {}@{} are not valid."
class PermissionDenied(APIClientGenericError):
template = "The {} request to '{}' was denied for {}."
class TokenFileNotFound(APIClientGenericError):
template = "Token file at {} not found."
class TokenFileNotReadable(APIClientGenericError):
template = "Token file at {} is not a JSON readable file."
class TokenNotInTokenFile(APIClientGenericError):
template = "Token for {}@{} not found in token file ({})."
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