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ar8216: fix ATU flushing

The functionality to flush the address translation table contains two bugs
which luckily compensate each other.
1. Just setting the operation is not sufficient to perform the flushing.
   The "active" bit needs to be set to actually trigger an action.
   For the vtu operations this is implemented correctly.
2. ar8xxx_phy_read_status is called every 2s by the phy state machine
   to check for link changes. This would have caused an ATU flush
   every 2s.

Fix the chip-specific ATU flush functions and remove the ATU flush call
from ar8xxx_phy_read_status.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHeiner Kallweit <>

git-svn-id: svn:// 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e73
parent bcd3fb4f
......@@ -613,7 +613,8 @@ ar8216_atu_flush(struct ar8xxx_priv *priv)
ret = ar8216_wait_bit(priv, AR8216_REG_ATU, AR8216_ATU_ACTIVE, 0);
if (!ret)
ar8xxx_write(priv, AR8216_REG_ATU, AR8216_ATU_OP_FLUSH);
ar8xxx_write(priv, AR8216_REG_ATU, AR8216_ATU_OP_FLUSH |
return ret;
......@@ -1711,7 +1712,6 @@ ar8xxx_phy_read_status(struct phy_device *phydev)
struct ar8xxx_priv *priv = phydev->priv;
struct switch_port_link link;
int ret;
if (phydev->addr != 0)
return genphy_read_status(phydev);
......@@ -1736,16 +1736,11 @@ ar8xxx_phy_read_status(struct phy_device *phydev)
phydev->duplex = link.duplex ? DUPLEX_FULL : DUPLEX_HALF;
/* flush the address translation unit */
ret = priv->chip->atu_flush(priv);
phydev->state = PHY_RUNNING;
return ret;
return 0;
static int
......@@ -759,7 +759,8 @@ ar8327_atu_flush(struct ar8xxx_priv *priv)
if (!ret)
ar8xxx_write(priv, AR8327_REG_ATU_FUNC,
return ret;
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